Excellence in foundry and mechanical engineering
Company Profile

At Foundry Projects Ltd, we have over twenty years of experience supplying bespoke equipment mainly to the foundry industry under the brand name of Towerip, which was incorporated in 1985.  We provide a quality engineering service to design, manufacture, assemble, install, commission and train i.e. a full turn key foundry package if required.

Recently we have diversified into other areas of industry and offer our services where required and we are eager to look at any mechanical or fabrication enquiry presented to us. The main reason for our success has been down to the experience and expertise in providing technical solutions to meet a customer's individual specific needs. The large volume of repeat business is a testimony to the quality and service our company offers. Whatever your requirement please contact us for friendly and professional advice.

Whilst much of our work has been involved in one off designs we specialise in the following areas:

Materials Handling Concepts
Typically these incorporate vibratory feeders, bin tilters, skip chargers, monorail systems, ladle tilters, launders, belt conveyors, slat conveyors, pneumatic blowing systems and hydraulic pusher devices all mainly for use with charging electric furnaces and transportation of scrap and molten metals. Weighing systems are frequently integrated into these concepts.
We provide design and build capabilities for platforms, buildings and supporting steelwork associated with foundry equipment. We offer our own design of furnace platform with a refractory surface suitable for use with molten metals. We include ladders, stairs and walkways.
These are designed for melting scrap metal rated up to 20 Tonnes /Hr (to date). Both gas fired and coke fired, single and twin blast cupola options are available including associated equipment.
Tanks & Containers
We produce water tanks for use with water re-circulating systems, drag out and settling tanks; storage silos for use with sand and swarf with discharge feeding systems; drop bottom buckets for use with handling scrap materials; acoustic enclosures and panels.
We have produced:
....One- off plants such as for NDT testing using dye penetrants with gas turbine blades (including electro magnet spraying of the dye).
....Heavy mechanical equipment to semi-automatically scrape large crucibles clean of dross after use.
....Tumbling barrels to tumble castings stored outside for the removal of water and debris that may sit in pockets.
....Ingot casting machine for use with silver.
Plant Moving
We have the facility to dismantle equipment including services and relocate to another site
Control Panels
We build our own control panels for our machinery and also offer our services to other equipment manufacturers
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