Excellence in foundry and mechanical engineering

We are confident that our diverse range of services, which extend across all foundry areas, are the most comprehensive available. Please contact us to discuss your specific application or requirement

Plant Dismantling


We have a very capable and highly skilled team available to dismantle foundry plant and equipment, and then relocate to suit your needs -, wherever you are in the world.

Plant Erection
We have a very capable team available to erect our own foundry plant and equipment as well as that from other suppliers to suit your needs -anywhere in the world.
Control Panels


We have our own in-house control panel builder for our own equipment and if required can take on third party panel building. This capability provides optimum flexibility for our clients.

Engineering and Design


As equipment designers we can offer our extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of our work, from a single consultancy visit to a full turnkey foundry system design.



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