Charging Furnaces During Periods Of Extreme Low Temperatures

During winter periods the potential risk of charging metallic scrap containing pockets of ice into a furnace molten bath becomes likely which can result in an extremely volatile and dangerous explosive situation. Many foundries operate in climates where temperatures often reach -40⁰C and it is therefore common to find pockets of ice in scrap which must be considered safer if removed before charging into the furnace.

Foundry Projects offer a solution to overcome this situation which is a standalone Dryer / Preheater Charger which would need to be integrated into the furnace charging system prior to reaching the furnace. The system would be tailor made to suit the specific requirements but typically there would be a double open ended vibratory feeding trough which would be suitably insulated and lined. Mounted over the feeder would be a refractory lined drying tunnel fitted with multiple banks of high velocity forced draught propane gas burners connected to an air/gas manifold control system.

Charging Furnaces

This example supplied to Finland incorporates a sixteen burner system operating up to 1.4MW (48 Therms) which not only drives off the ice but also offers some preheating leading to improved furnace melting performance. The system can operate either as a continuous flow system or for improved drying and preheating a stop/start batching system.

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