Cupola Melting

Foundry Projects Limited offer cupola melting furnaces with variations which are either fuelled with coke, gas or oil. We can offer part of or the entire melting plant. The cupolas we offer range from 1 tonne per hour up to 30 tonnes per hour. Typically our cupolas are used in the foundry industry but we have also provided modified versions for melting slag for use in the stone wool industry and other unique applications for precious metals recovery.

The main types of cupola we offer include:-

  • Single Blast Coke Fired Cupolas
  • Twin Blast Coke Fired Cupolas
  • Coke Less Cupolas
  • Gas Fired Cupolas
  • Oil Fired Cupolas

The main components to support the cupola system also offered by us include:-

  • Structural supporting steelwork and platforms
  • Charging Systems
  • Metal Transfer Launders & Monorails
  • Hot Metal Receivers
  • Wet Arresters
  • Water shell cooling to the melting zone sections
  • Water jacket to the melting zone sections
  • Slag Granulation

As you can see we can provide our experience and services for the full range of the cupola melting plant requirements starting from the design to the complete plant. As with any plant, ongoing maintenance, repairs and replacements parts are required and we are pleased to provide the support to carry out this work whether we supplied the original parts or not.

Some of the cupola projects we work on are modifications because the client wishes to upgrade the cupola in some way. The reasons for this could be as follows:-

  • Increase the melt rate
  • Convert from coke fired to gas fired (Coke Less)
  • Convert from single blast to twin blast
  • Change the design and operation of the tapping system
  • Introduce a secondary air system
  • Install a recuperator for temperature recovery
  • Addition of cooling systems
  • Introduce a fume cleaning system
  • Introduce slag granulation

For many tens of years the coke fired cupola was and in many countries still is the most common furnace for melting cast iron.

The three main reasons why are, the initial capital installation cost is relatively low, the cupola is easy to operate and thus semi skilled labour can be used during the melting operation and the cupola is extremely flexible and is capable of melting many forms of scrap metals from high grades to the very lowest grades and at the same time producing  high quality irons.

Compared with the coke fired furnace and concern over climate changes due to the emissions, the gas fired cupola wins hands down.

It requires around half of the base energy to melt a given tonne of iron and can operate without any visible emission even when using dirty materials.

There are significant reductions in the amount of emissions of sulphur and nitric oxides and no sulphur absorption makes the furnace ideal for the production of ductile or nodular iron.

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