Dye Penetrant Testing (NDT)

Foundry Projects Limited have supplied several NDT Systems all based on using dye penetration for the purpose of crack detection. Each system is a unique design and there are many options in terms of layout and position of each process station. The complete system would comprise of many individual processes which would be tailored to suit the clients process requirements, part sizes, space available to site the plant and of course part loading and discharge into and away from the system.

We provide the complete system comprising of dipping and process tanks, tank raise / lower systems, part indexing either by monorail or roller track, electro-magnetic dye spraying complete with spray booth, cold and hot water wash, drying oven and developer dust storm.

Where required we have integrated slat conveyors into the process which can be set at a variable slow speed to provide a required dye contact time for the duration period while the part travels the full length of the conveyor.

All platforms, monorail structures, guarding and services are provided apart from any civil and drainage requirements so we can offer nearly a turnkey solution.

Should you have any requirements or questions regarding Dye Penetrant Testing then please do not hesitate in contacting us for more information.

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