Furnace Charging

Foundry Projects Limited offer bespoke mechanical handling equipment for charging and feeding materials into furnaces. Nearly all applications are different and this is because the final solutions are mainly dependant on the following points:

  • Type, size and variety of the charge materials being fed
  • Furnace type which the charge materials are being fed into
  • The method which the charge materials will be loaded into the charger
  • Site constraints
  • Capacity and specification of the required charger.

Other options to consider:-

  • Should a weighing system be incorporated
  • Level of control i.e.: Automatic / Semi-Automatic / Manual
  • Interlocks with other equipment
  • Level of safety

Every charger we build is a totally custom design to suit the client’s particular requirements and specification. The chargers are pre-assembled, wired and tested in the workshop before delivery to site and most of the time we can deliver these items to site in one piece. We can provide the options to integrate our chargers with the equipment on site. For example if a travelling charger requires rails on a platform then we can provide these as part of the package. We are therefore in a position to offer a turnkey solution if required.

Typically our range of chargers tends to fall between 0.5T and 20T capacity but this is purely a range to suit the nature of enquiries received.

Should you have any requirements or questions regarding Furnace Charging then please do not hesitate in contacting us for more information.

The most common types of charger we supply are:

Foundry Projects Ltd manufacture Electric Furnace Chargers which typically range between 1T and 20T batch capacity.

One of our chargers can be dedicated to feed one furnace or alternatively to feed multiple furnaces by travelling in various directions.

Our electric furnace charging systems convey scrap/charge materials through vibration by using a pair of out of balance motors controlled via a variable control system to provide a rapid or trickle feed into the furnace to minimise damage and wear to the furnace lining.

Our chargers are offered with rubber/steel sandwich wear plates to reduce both the shock impact loads and the resulting noise from this filling process.

Foundry Projects Ltd offer several options for charging cupolas and the adopted system is mainly dependent on the size and type of cupola.

The most common systems supplied are simple Skip Chargers but we can offer alternatives such buckets systems including Telpher Chargers.

We have also incorporated vibratory chargers into the system to provide a true continuous trickle charge to ensure the flame at the cupola charge hole is maintained.

Foundry Projects Ltd manufacture Pusher Chargers mainly for use in the non-ferrous industry.

This type of charger lends itself to charge furnaces with vertical doors.

The charger would travel forward to allow the main chute of the charger to enter the furnace through the door and then the charge materials would be pushed forward and discharged into the furnace at the same time and speed as the charger travels in reverse to provide the effect of laying the scrap onto the hearth which prevents damage to the inside of the furnace and any partition walls.

We have used pusher type chargers for several other applications as it is a very simple and versatile system of charging.

Foundry Projects Ltd offer Drop Bottom Buckets for charging open top furnaces such as induction furnaces and electric arc furnaces.

Using a drop bottom bucket is the simplest and cheapest form of charging this type of furnace providing an overhead gantry crane is available.

We offer various options for opening and closing the discharge doors and also weighing stations if required to weigh and record each charge batch in the bucket.

Foundry Projects Ltd supply Bin Tilter chargers and these are most common for those clients who perhaps already store and move around materials in their own standard bins.

To save double handling, the client’s pre-loaded bins can be inserted into our charger for tipping or raising to a higher level before tipping.

These chargers can travel to various positions in order to discharge at several locations and the whole tipping cycle can be as automatic as the client requires.

Foundry Projects Ltd offer storage hoppers for coke and limestone and as part of the controlled discharge for these materials we provide feeding systems.

A typical system would incorporate a gated outlet to each hopper which discharges the contents onto a vibratory feeder.

The feeders would convey the material into a common weighing batch hopper which controls how much material is required out of each hopper for the particular set batch.

The batch hopper would incorporate clam shell type doors to discharge the coke/limestone pre-weighed batch into the required container below.

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