Mechanical Handling

For all manufacturing processes there are mechanical handling requirements. Foundry Projects Limited are general mechanical engineers which for us means that we apply our huge knowledge and experience to create the unique bespoke solution to meet a client’s particular requirements.

Some types of equipment we supply are standard as a proven concept in the industry whereas others have to be created from scratch so the range and variety of equipment we can provide seems to be endless. Certainly in the foundry industry, equipment such as this will be abused by the very nature of the process and the working environment so this is paramount to all of our designs. Some key areas where many of our mechanical handling activities are focused include the following:

  • Heat Treatment Furnace Quenching Systems
  • Ladle Tilting Systems
  • Furnace Addition Systems
  • Crucible Scraping Systems
  • Part Rotating Devices
  • Manipulators
  • Monorail Transfer Systems

Some industries using crucibles for melting require methods of cleaning the crucibles possibly after several cycles of use.

Foundry Projects Ltd provide a semi-automatic system where the crucible is located into a tilting cradle which secures the crucible and tips it through 90˚.

The crucible then continuously rotates slowly and at the same time a hydraulic operated scraping arm goes into the crucible at high level until reaching the base of the ladle and lowers so scraping the base of the ladle. The arm then retracts to scrape the crucible sides and drag the dross into a skip at the front.

This operation is repeated several times until the desired objective is reached to remove the dross.

Foundry Projects Ltd can provide various methods to store and meter several ingredients required for furnace additions as part of the melting process.

Foundries are continually investigating options to both reduce melt cycle times and also to minimise any manual intervention which are the main benefits of installing a Furnace Addition System.

For a typical system we would be looking at integrating several hoppers each having their own conveyor to feed into a common weighing receptacle which discharges into a means of transport to the final destination.

The system can be fully automatic to create many batch recipes as required.

Foundry Projects Ltd supply quenching systems to support heat treatment processes.

We can supply the complete quenching system or any part of it.

A complete system basically comprises of one or more quench tanks, a method of lowering the parts into each tank and a method of loading and unloading the quench furnace.

Time is of the essence for quenching so we need to be able to supply the quickest method to remove the items from the furnace and get to the point where the part is fully immersed in the quench bath.

The largest system we have built to date is to accommodate a single batch of parts weighing a total of 10T.

Foundry Projects Ltd often supply complete one off mechanical devices to perform a specific unique task.

Foundry Projects Ltd supply ladle tilters which are purely used as a method of transferring and pouring molten metal typically from larger ladles.

The systems we provide can be static or mobile and the pouring action would be by a hydraulic system.

The pouring cycle can be manual or automatic with a very fine control and typically we would offer lip pour but sometimes a metal throw is beneficial.

There are options to consider such as lid mounted burners in order to minimise temperature loss which can especially be important when pouring alloys.

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