Platforms & Structures

Foundry Projects Limited can design and install a variety of Supporting Structures, Access Structures and Structural Platforms including Mezzanines, Staircases, Safety Ladders, Walkways, Guarding and Safety Fencing.

Our comprehensive service can include structural calculations, manufacture, delivery to site, offloading and installation.

The key areas where many of our Platform and Structures activities are focused include the following:

  • Cupola Supporting Structures
  • Electric Furnace Platforms
  • Supporting Steelwork

All cupola projects will require an integral supporting steel structure which can also form the main cupola building to house the cupola and all associated equipment.

Foundry Projects Ltd can provide this structure including staircases, ladders, handrails and safety barriers.

We have created our own Furnace Platform system which incorporates a steel raft design covered with loose panels which can easily be lifted in or out of position using four lifting points.

This allows for easy access for installation and maintenance of the large furnace equipment installed beneath while at the same time providing a refractory working surface on top suitable for use with furnaces.

Obviously furnace platforms will be used to store heavy materials and products as well as possibly incorporating tracks for the charger wheels so we cater for all of these dynamic loads with the static loads to create an extremely rigid and robust structure.

Most of our projects require the need for supporting steelwork and access platforms.

We can either provide these elements as part of our own equipment supply or we can provide them as standalone elements to support equipment supplied by others.

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