Foundry Projects Limited design and supply handling systems which might need the option to incorporate weighing facilities within the system which could fall in a range between it’s simplest form being purely a weight indication display up to a complex sophisticated batching system.

We work with a market leading weighing specialist company to provide the hardware which we incorporate into our systems and together we have developed our own standard processing software to meet most client’s requirements. We have options to use various control systems which can allow the system to be networked into a current system on site. We provide a full service including installation and on site calibration. Our specialist weighing company can then take on board any service agreements which might be required.

Some examples where weighing solutions are supplied:

  • Furnace Charging Systems
  • Charging Additions Systems
  • Monorail Systems
  • Silo Storage Hoppers
  • Charge Bucket Weigh Station

While it is obviously advantageous to incorporate the weighing system at the time of the initial system design we are happy to look at integrating a weighing system into existing equipment already in use whether it is our equipment or supplied by others.

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